partial function

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partial function

[′pär·shəl ′fəŋk·shən]
(computer science)
A partial function from a set A to a set B is a correspondence between some subset of A and B which associates with each element of the subset of A a unique element of B.
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partial function

A function which is not defined for all arguments of its input type. E.g.

f(x) = 1/x if x /= 0.

The opposite of a total function. In denotational semantics, a partial function

f : D -> C

may be represented as a total function

ft : D' -> lift(C)

where D' is a superset of D and

ft x = f x if x in D ft x = bottom otherwise

where lift(C) = C U bottom. Bottom (LaTeX \perp) denotes "undefined".
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Second, for non-binary low density parity check (NB-LDPC) coded high-order modulation systems, when the proposed algorithm is integrated with partial mapping, the receiver with iterative detection and decoding (IDD) achieves not only better BER performance but also significantly computational complexity reduction over the traditional SIC-LMMSE-based IDD scheme.
Furthermore, a partial mapping scheme is employed to reduce the computation complexity of the non-binary LDPC decoding [9].
2.2 Partial mapping for the proposed CLSIC-LMMSE MUD algorithm
Partial mapping was first presented in [9] for non-binary LDPC code QAM system in AWGN channel to reduce the decoding complexity.
where [alpha] [member of] GF(q), [chi](x) denotes the mapping from GF(q) symbol to constellation point, take 16-QAM with partial mapping for example, [??].
So the data obtained in the visit of the area (partial mapping of each land use) was used.
It appears that children were successful in mapping some aspects (i.e., a partial mapping) of the nonsense words to the novel referents, as evidenced by their
A similar statement might apply to the inevitably partial mapping of Saiva iconographic features here: the visualization of Siva in this corpus is more ramified, and more sensitive to context, than any list of discrete features can suggest.
Let G : I x J [right arrow] R, where I, J are open intervals in R, be a mapping such that for [[alpha].sub.1], [[beta].sub.1] [member of] I, [[alpha].sub.2], [[beta].sub.2] [member of] J, [[alpha].sub.1] < [[beta].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2] < [[beta].sub.2], the partial mappings
Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] be such that the partial mappings
When two communities are going to interact, their ontology developers must define at least partial mappings between the ontologies each uses.
Table 1 summarizes the partial mappings between terms in the two ontologies.

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