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In Pakistan, male labor force participation rate is touching to 100 percent in some age groups, whereas, female labor force participation rate is still lower than 32 percent in all groups.
If educational attainment rates are held constant at 2008 levels, the expected labor force participation rate would be 0.
The labor force participation rate for men in the sample peaked at 88.
This increasing participation of women in paid work shows sincere and committed efforts by government to reduce gender gap in labour force participation rate.
The second approach (Table 1) uses a factor decomposition of the labor force participation rate and reveals a very similar picture with around 90 percent of the decline since early 2011 due to retirement (which includes early retirement).
North Sinai governor Abdel Fattah Harhour said participation rates in the elections have exceeded expectations.
The lowest registered participation rate reached its lowest level since February 1978 (62.
To an important extent, this decline in the labor force participation rate likely reflects the ongoing influence of the aging of the population, which was one focus of a Brookings paper written nearly a decade ago by several of the present authors (Aaronson and others 2006).
The most popular way to measure a plan's success is by looking at its overall participation rate among eligible employees (64% of plans do so).
Hence, the sharp decline in the labor force participation rate following the 2007-09 recession has become a salient topic.
From the recession's start to peak unemployment in October 2009, the participation rate declined by one full percentage point (66 to 65 percent).
have seen slower population growth in the working age population, but more disturbingly, both have seen a decline in the labor force participation rate.