particle board

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particle board:

see composition boardcomposition board,
wood product produced in the form of a board or sheet, formed of cellulose fibers or particles derived from wood or other sources, and used principally as a building material.
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particle board

[′pärd·ə·kəl ‚bȯrd]
Construction board made with wood particles impregnated with low-molecular-weight resin and then cured.
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You'll find particle-board furniture, old parking tickets,'' she said.
An old can sat on a particle-board shelf, leaked through the container, and swelled the Board upwards and downwards.
Britain's largest bed maker, Silentnight, yesterday promised the worst was over as it revealed that drooping sales of its cut-price, particle-board furniture had kept profits flat for the year.
Rush will Present its new line of ready-to-assemble furniture - constructed of particle-board, solid woods, veneers and plywood - at the International Home Furnishings Market opening here April 27.
Bayer's experimenal attempts to bake off volatile organic chemicals emanating from new modular room partitions and particle-board samples (taken from an Atlanta office building) failed to eliminate the chemicals' smell and offgassing.

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