Party Bureau

Bureau, Party


bureau of the primary Party organization; Bureau of the Party Committee, the executive body in charge of the current work of the Party organization. In the CPSU, the Party Bureau of the primary shop organization is elected for one year; the number of its members is determined by a Party meeting. Primary shop organizations with fewer than 15 Party members do not elect a bureau but elect a secretary and a deputy secretary instead (see CPSU Rules, paragraphs 23 and 56). Bureaus of raion, city, and okrug Party committees are elected either by the corresponding committees from among their members who were elected by the (okrug, city, raion) Party conference or by a general meeting of CPSU members, convoked at least once every two years (see CPSU Rules, paragraphs 23, 48, and 49). Bureaus of the oblast and krai committees of the central committee of the Communist Party of a Union republic are elected by the corresponding committees, elected by the Party conference or congress, which is convoked once in two years. CPSU congresses in Union republics that have oblast administrative divisions may be held once in four years (see CPSU Rules, paragraphs 23, 44, and 45).

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Residents in the area say the AK Party bureau doesn't have a surveillance camera and that this was the third percussion bomb to be thrown in front of the office.
The new government, based on the Bbda Declaration, is greatly needed at this critical phase witnessed in Lebanon and the region, for it can guide the country amidst the current delicate situation and spare Lebanon the axes policy," the Party bureau indicated.
The party claimed that the officers of the National Security State Committee attempt to detain Bakyt Kalmamatov, vice chief of Ata Meken party bureau in Osh oblast, in Kara-Kulja rayon of Osh oblast.
After the initial release of SoftSEAL, a third party bureau offering will be made available, to allow ISPs and the like to offer the service.
The lawmakers included Spanish Jose Ignacio Salafranca, a member of the European People's Party Bureau and of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Italian Antonio Panzeri, chairman of the Delegation in charge of relations with Maghreb countries and European MP.