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, group of seminomadic peoples consisting of more than 60 tribes, numbering more than 26 million in Pakistan and more than 11 million in Afghanistan, where they form the dominate ethnic group (historically known as Afghans and now typically as Pashtuns).
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It borders Afghanistan to claim a major challenge Pashtunistan region between Afghanistan and Pakistan is formed.
More than 250 social activists representing Hotak, Ghaljai, Zazai and other tribes participated in the rally, which started from the Eidgah Mosque and ended at the Pashtunistan Square of Kabul.
QUETTA -- Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani Friday said that slogans for Pashtunistan, Azad Balochistan and Sindho Desh were misleading the people and these are nothing more than an adventurism.
The Pakistan political elite reasonably fear that if discontented Pashtuns to the west of the line were to turn away from Afghan ambitions, they would join with Pashtuns to the east of the line in the recurrent struggle for an independent Pashtunistan, with rebellious secessionist Baluchis as allies.
In July 1973, the new government of Afghanistan revived the issue of an independent Pashtunistan, which opened a challenge to Pakistan's control of the North West Frontier Province.
A de facto Pashtunistan, long sought by Pashtuns, has now grown up on the ruins of an ongoing Islamist militancy, but without any political authority in charge.
A self-governing "Pashtunistan" inside Afghanistan could become a threat to the integrity of Pakistan, whose own 25 million Pashtuns might seek to break free to form a larger Pashtunistan.
Alternatives included Pashtunistan, Pakhtunkhwa and Afghania.
Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman who said that 20 bombers were involved in the attacks, claimed that the intended targets were the presidential palace and the ministries around the capital's Pashtunistan Square.
Army and police snipers took positions on buildings around Pashtunistan Square in the center of the capital after attacks, which appeared to be well-coordinated and involve a large number of gunmen.
And if an independent Pashtunistan were to eventuate, Harrison is sanguine that it would not threaten U.
The movement for setting up Great Pashtunistan lying on the territory in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where Pashtuns live, is strong among the Pashtuns.