Pasquier, Étienne

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Pasquier, Étienne

(ātyĕn` päkyā`), 1529–1615, French jurist and man of letters. After study under Jacques Cujas, Pasquier began his legal career in 1549. Always a confirmed advocate of GallicanismGallicanism
, in French Roman Catholicism, tradition of resistance to papal authority. It was in opposition to ultramontanism, the view that accorded the papacy complete authority over the universal church.
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, in 1565 he pleaded a famous case for the Univ. of Paris against the Jesuits. In 1585 he became advocate general of a division of the Parlement of Paris. Pasquier's most notable book, Recherches de la France, a learned work on French history and literature, reflected the tendency of the humanists to write in the vernacular rather than in Latin.


See biography by L. C. Keating (1972).

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