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passage grave, chamber tomb

In prehistoric Europe, a chamber approached by a long passage, of megalithic construction, covered and protected by an artificial mound.
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Dwelling Among the Monuments: The Neolithic Village of Barnhouse, Maeshowe Passage Grave and Surrounding Monuments at Stenness, Orkney.
When we consider the much more numerous Breton passage graves and the later allees couvertes, it proves helpful to divide the departements of Brittany into those in the south and east (and therefore nearest the Loire), and those in the north and west.
Only about 500 of the large passage graves, called 'giant tombs' are preserved today, but one of the great mysteries is their orientation in the landscape.
With the help of GPS, a compass and a surveying instrument, Claus Clausen, who graduated as astronomer from the Niels Bohr Institute, measured the orientation of entrance tunnels of approximately 100 passage graves.
It can be interpreted that the passage graves are oriented according to the winter sunrise.
The passage graves had been used for burials and the orientation of the entrance is concentrated towards the full moon points to a ritual practice that involved the moon.
Professor George Eoghan, who excavated Knowth passage graves, said it is now thought that the entire Boyne Valley region was inhabited for thousands of years.
Eventually, 19 small passage graves were found that encircled a much larger mound.
This larger mound has two passage graves in it and it is in the eastern facing one that this artwork was found.
Many other stones that make up the 140 and 114-foot long passages that lead into the two passage graves also have artwork on them.