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(science and technology)
A way that permits passage between two places or points.


A space that connects one area of a building with another.

passageway, passage

A space connecting one area or room of a building with another.
References in classic literature ?
The dusky terror of that frown, Hepzibah observed, was thought to be lingering ever since in the passageway.
As I wandered along the corridors, I was as absolutely lost in the mazes of winding passageways as I had been before I discovered Dejah Thoris' apartments.
Quickly, the Belgian leaped over the prostrate form of his erstwhile host, and without a thought of succor for the man in whom, for aught he knew, life still remained, he bolted for the passageway and safety.
Presently, hoping against hope that it had fallen upon the floor of the passageway, rather than back into the depths of the well, he rose upon all fours and commenced a diligent search for the little tallow cylinder, which now seemed infinitely more precious to him than all the fabulous wealth of the hoarded ingots of Opar.
With the aid of the lamp they made more rapid progress, and in a few moments reached a low door at the end of the arched passageway.
As they halted before one of the polished hardwood doors, Tarzan slipped into the shadow of a passageway not a dozen feet from them.
Of course, they darted through the passageway into the first cave.
Slipping out, he turned to the right and in a few steps found a narrow passageway between two buildings.
The only exit was through the passageway by which Bukawai had entered.
They halted where a passageway between two great redwood trunks gave entrance to the dining room.
He never spoke; he moved people around, he squeezed in late ones, he opened up passageways, and done it with nods, and signs with his hands.
The walls about the ledge were pierced with a number of entrances to dimly lighted passageways.