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(science and technology)
A way that permits passage between two places or points.
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A space that connects one area of a building with another.
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passageway, passage

A space connecting one area or room of a building with another.
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Meantime, the US forces which have occupied al-Tanf border crossing which links Jordan to Iraq are attempting to gain control of Albu Kamal-al-Qaem border passageway too.
Victory Mall, the private firm managing the underpass, had scheduled limiting access to the passageway from 9 a.m.
Chad (Billy Flynn) caught Vivian (Louise Surel) near the passageway in the DiMera living room, unaware she had just had an altercation with Abigail's (Marci Miller) alter, "Gabi," who murdered Andre.
The Indian girl was walking through a passageway to her house when the 38-year-old Indian worker stopped her in May.
The passageway between Port Authority bus terminal and the station was back in use yesterday.
Dubai A worker has been accused of using his mobile to show images of immoral nature to a nine-year-old schoolgirl and molesting her in a passageway near her house.
"It appears the man hanged himself from within the passageway."
The magma is forced through a volcano's passageway and works its way up.
Even this week, we saw images of Gazans smuggling some good old fashioned Kentucky Fried Chicken into the Strip through the elaborate underground passageways.
The inspiration for the Kodak passageway revitalization project actually came prior to the 2011 Revolution, with Nagati observing how passageways serve as a bridge between different spaces.
Located in the Kodak passageway, across from the Jewish Synagogue on Adly Street in Downtown Cairo, Hassan Khan's first solo exhibition in Egypt in over a decade marks a stellar collection of works that showcase the artist's diverse talents and makes use of both public and private space in an inventive way.
The passage doesn't really have to be thought of as a passageway at all, but rather another functional space.