Passarowitz, Peace Treaties of 1718

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Passarowitz, Peace Treaties of (1718)


treaties concluding Turkey’s war with Venice (1714–18) and with Austria (1716–18). They were signed in the city of Požarevac (formerly Passarowitz), Serbia.

The July 21 peace treaty with Austria awarded to that country the Banat, Temesvár (Timişoara), part of Walachia, Northern Serbia with Belgrade, Northern Bosnia, and some other territories. The boundaries established by this treaty were altered by the Treaty of Belgrade (1739). An Austro-Turkish trade pact signed on July 27, 1718, granted Austrian subjects the right of free trade throughout Turkey upon payment of import and export duties amounting to 3 percent. In addition, the terms of capitulation extended to Austrian subjects. The Venetian-Turkish Peace Treaty (July 21) confirmed the territorial boundaries established during the war and recognized the transfer to Turkey of the Morea (Peloponnesus) and the islands of the Greek archipelago. Turkey granted favorable conditions for Venetian trade in the Ottoman Empire.


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