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(cell and molecular biology)
A deoxyribonucleic acid segment that will be spliced into a plasmid or bacteriophage for subsequent cloning.

What does it mean when you dream about a passenger?

A passenger is a passive participant in a vehicle that is moving along. Positively, it could be a sense of going away to a vacation spot. Alternatively, a dream about being a passenger could represent a sense of being borne along by circumstances we do not control. If we are the driver, then perhaps we are taking responsibility for the passengers.

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The hearts of the passengers beat loud enough perhaps to be heard; but at any rate, the quiet pause was audibly expressive of people out of breath, and holding the breath, and having the pulses quickened by expectation.
Lorry, getting down into the road--assisted from behind more swiftly than politely by the other two passengers, who immediately scrambled into the coach, shut the door, and pulled up the window.
In all the air crashes involvingPIA flights so far, a total of 750 passengers including crew members have perished.
Virgin Galactic recently released artist's conceptions of the new spacecraft, which will carry two pilots and up to six passengers.
Baby milk and liquid baby food are OK but the contents of each bottle or jar must be tasted by the accompanying passenger.
Accordingly, Infraero has spent US$777 million in the last three years, much of which on regional airports to build runways, passenger and cargo terminals, and equipment.
EU foreign ministers endorsed the deal, authorizing the European Union and United States to share passenger data such as names, addresses, credit card and phone numbers, and e-mail information, which will be transferred to the destination country before departure.
This has been evidenced by passenger loads gradually picking up within the last few months as people become acquainted with service, he adds.
The RMA increased its previous forecast by one million units for replacement passenger tires in 1998, based on year-to-date tire shipment figures through June.
All CTA cars in regular service now also have outdoor speakers mounted near passenger doors enabling train personnel to make announcements directly to waiting passengers on the platform and, incidentally, focusing their attention on the location of doors.
What began as a routine traffic stop involving an expired license plate quickly evolved into a life-and-death encounter, all due to the decision by the passenger to fight.
The Coalition proposes that other airlines examine differentiating between the cost of transporting passengers and luggage but also go one step further and separate passenger luggage from passenger flights to increase security.