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1694–1775, Italian, religious founder of the Passionists. His original name was Paolo Francesco Danei. He had visions calling him to found a new order and received papal permission in 1725. He was ordained in 1727.
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The home was known as " Fatima House and run by the Passionist Order from 1948 to 1988.
CONNOLLY JOHN February 19 2012 We give thanks for the life of our Uncle John and for the Passionist community he loved and served throughout his life.
A Passionist priest and self-described cosmologist and "geologian," he came down firmly on the side of environmentalism and was a pioneer in the field after a revelatory, mystical experience with nature in his youth set his feet on the path.
The image that emerges is not that of a man isolated in the Vatican, but a pope who knows what is going on in the world and is willing to talk about everything, with a clear idea of what can contribute to the spiritual and social well-being of humanity," said Passionist Father Ciro Benedettini, vice-director of the Vatican press office.
is Director of the Passionist Historical Archives, Union City, New Jersey.
McAlister further aggravated Dorrian's long-running conflict with the Passionist Order in Belfast regarding the funding of new buildings, pastoral responsibilities, and general control.
Bishop Kenny, who is also a member of the Passionist Congregation, was an Auxiliary Bishop of Stockholm, Sweden, from 1987 until October 2006 before the Vatican announced his move to the Archdiocese of Birmingham.
Served at Passionist Monastery and Mater Dolorosa Laymen's Retreat House in Sierra Madre from 1956 to 1977.
But he was still in some ways the Passionist preacher he had been for thirteen years before he left the monastery.
Though she was repeatedly denied entry into the convent during her lifetime, her cause was nonetheless championed by a Passionist priest, and she was buried in the habit of a Passionist sister.
Meanwhile, Fr Troy, a brother in the Passionist Order, said he was also looking at plans to rent out the historic monastery because there are only four of them living there at present.
Paris Memorial Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Fund Trustees, Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association, Strawberry Arcade, 223A Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101; or Passionist Convent, 2715 Churchview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15227.