Pastukhov, Andrei Vasilevich

Pastukhov, Andrei Vasil’evich


Born Aug. 18 (30), 1860, in a settlement near the Derkul’ Stud Farm in Kharkov Province; died Sept. 23, 1899, in Piatigorsk. Russian topographer and mountain climber.

In 1882, Pastukhov began working in the topographic department of the Caucasian Military District. He took part in the topographic survey of the high-mountain regions of the central Caucasus. He climbed Kazbek, Ushba, Bol’shoi Ararat, Malyi Ararat, Aragats (Alagez), and other mountains. He was the first Russian to scale the western peak (1890) and the eastern peak (1896) of Mount Elbrus.


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