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Bartholin, Thomas


(also T. Bartholinus). Born 1616; died 1680. Danish anatomist. Studied in Copenhagen, Leiden, Padua, and Basel.

Bartholin discovered the thoracic duct and the lymphatic system in humans (1652–54). He refuted the existing notion of the hematopoietic role of the liver. Bartholin’s son Kaspar (1655–1738) was also an anatomist. The duct of the sublingual gland and the glands of the vaginal vestibule are named for Kaspar Bartholin.


De lacteis thoracicis in homine brutisgue .... Copenhagen, 1652.
Vasa lymphatica .... Copenhagen, 1653.
De anatome practica. Copenhagen, 1674.


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Doctors have developed a new test that is more effective than current screening methods in detecting Down's, Edwards and Patau syndromes, the Guardian reported on Thursday.
Holoprosencephaly was an expected finding in the fetus diagnosed with Patau syndrome (trisomy 13), although the other associated anomalies (such as polydactyly, flexion of the fingers, heart defects, facial clefting and neural tube defects [10]) were not identified.
Variable expressivity in Patau syndrome is not all related to Trisomy 13 mosaicism.
Previous researches on the communication of people with the mosaic form of Patau syndrome and dyspraxia
Poor families caring for a family member with a rare disease would have no fighting chance, however, since they do not have access to quality and affordable medical care," Cayetano, who lost her youngest child Gabriel from complications of a rare congenital disease called trisomy 13, also known as Patau Syndrome in 2001, said.
They reported an increase of 5% or more for the following birth defects: anencephaly, spina bifida without anencephaly, encephalocele, Patau syndrome (trisomy 13), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), Down syndrome (trisomy 21), omphalocele, gastroschisis, and anophthalmia.
Ella Bewshear is one of only a handful of people in the UK afflicted by Patau syndrome - 90% of those born with the condition die within their first year.
Patau syndrome with a long survival: a case report.
Ashley Mawson's diagnosis of Patau Syndrome or Trysomy 13 - a rare chromosome abnormality - meant he had just a one in 20 chance of surviving beyond six months old.
Some 27 per 10,000 babies across Wales and England are also affected by Down's syndrome, two per 10,000 by another chromosomal condition called Patau syndrome and seven per 10,000 by Edwards syndrome.
1,5,8,11,13) Trisomy 13 is commonly referred to as Patau syndrome and is characterized by severe central nervous system (CNS), craniofacial, heart, gastrointestinal and renal abnormalities.
Some of such chromosomal abnormal abilities that can be detected through NIPT are Down syndrome, Patau syndrome, Edwards' syndrome and Turner syndrome.