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FiberStore is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of fiber optic cables and fiber patch cables, and could custom these cables according to customers' special requirements.
TCS specializes in private labeled and custom network connectivity products including: fiber patch cords, pre-terminated multi-fiber trunk cables, CAT5e and CAT6 patch cables along with fiber and copper patch panels, keystone jacks, and other accessories.
Patch cables that attach to the equipment in the wiring closet and to the workstation are usually installed at the time those devices are placed into operation.
This latest advance in patch cable technology compliments ShowMeCables's existing Ethernet cabling products and related installation tools, a cornerstone of the company's business.
250mhz utp snagless patch cable, c6pc28-bl-05; 800 black box 7ft slim-net cat6 blue 28awg 250mhz utp snagless patch cable, c6pc28-bl-07; 200 black box 10ft slim-net cat6 blue 28awg 250mhz utp snagless patch cable, c6pc28-bl-10; 200 black box 15ft slim-net cat6 blue 28awg 250mhz utp snagless patch cable, c6pc28-bl-15.
0.5 m stack cable 41 pieces stacking cable 0.5 m 4 pieces sfp-10gbit-sr module (mmf) 64 pieces sfp-10gbit-sr module (smf) 18 pieces sfp 1gbit module (mmf) 58 pieces rj45 patch cable kat 6a / class ea - 1.5 meters flexible 750 pieces rj45 patch cable kat 6a / class ea - 2.0 meters flexible 250 pieces fo patch cable om4-2.0 meters st-lc duplex 110 pieces fo patch cable om4-2.0 meters st-sc duplex 2 pieces fiber optic patch cable om4-2.0 meters lc-sc duplex 12 pieces fiber optic patch cords os2-2.0 meters lc-e2000 duplex (green) 34 pieces extended cisco warranty - ws-2960x-48fpd-l 37 pieces extended cisco warranty - ws-2960x-24pd-l 31 pieces extended cisco warranty - ws-2960cx-8pc-l 23 pieces extended cisco warranty - ws-c3850-24s-s 1 piece extended cisco warranty - ws-c3850-12xs-e 1 piece
various cisco components as well as patch cables for setting up a wlan infrastructure as well as the ready-to-use handover of the complete wlan infrastructure.
Standard Ethernet patch cables are used between the patch panel and the control cabinet equipment, such as PLCs, switches and routers.
It takes up 1 U in the network enclosure and contains 24 tested CAT 6, Class E patch cables or fibre-optic cables, each with a length of 1.6 m (sufficient for 23 U).
Designed for applications where standard patch cables would fail, these exclusive ultra-flexible cable assemblies are rated to 10 million flex-cycles at 1.82a3 (46.4mm) for continuous motion and automation applications.
Offering maximum protection against EMI/RFI interference, MilesTek's double-shielded Cat5e patch cables feature two layers of shielding to ensure data is protected from stray EMI/RFI fields.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 14, 2017-MilesTek debuts 5e industrial Ethernet patch cables