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In short, if it is likely that a competitor could re-invent or reverse-engineer your invention, you are better off patenting it.
(1) On the one hand, the amount of patenting activity has dramatically increased in recent years.
Obviously, multinational patenting presents its share of challenges.
In fact, the company is concerned that there may be too much patenting going on, Sleyster said.
(2.) American Intellectual Property Law Association, White Paper on Patenting Business Methods (November 27, 2000).
Owen-Smith and Powell examine the consequences of geographic location and network position on patenting by biotechnology firms in the Boston metropolitan area.
I think Pod-ner's interests were not based on patenting a seed but in conquering a market that we had already made," he says.
Patenting a gene and releasing it into the public domain, as the National Institute of Health now usually does, harms no one.
THERE ARE TWO CLASSES OF OFFENDERS: COMPANIES trying to take advantage of the situation, seeing the patent land grab as a huge financial opportunity; and companies patenting defensively, lest someone else take away their right to use their own inventions.
They hoped to ignite a public debate on the patenting of life-forms and, if the patent was granted, block the creation of such chimeras.
Since the law specifies that a patent must be issued in the inventor's name and not in the name of the patenting company, you can take advantage of the company's expertise without relinquishing any of your patent rights.
But GATT does not forbid the patenting of human material, and Acosta's case before the Biodiversity Convention fared no better.