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see Lord's PrayerLord's Prayer
or Our Father,
the principal Christian prayer that Jesus in the New Testament (Mat. 6.9–13; Luke 11.2–4) taught his followers, beginning, "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
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a continuous-operation multicar passenger elevator. The term comes from the German Paternoster, which, in addition to its basic meaning of “the Lord’s Prayer,” had the acquired meaning of “rosary” (the elevator was named for its resemblance to the beads). The first paternoster was constructed in Hamburg in the late 19th century.

Used in office and public buildings to lift and lower passengers in a vertical direction, the paternoster has open, doorless cars that move at a speed of 0.25–0.3 m/sec and are positioned at a distance of 4–4.5 m from one another. Passengers enter and exit at each floor. The cars are designed for one to two passengers. They move in a shaft in one direction along a closed path. The plane-parallel motion and vertical position of the cars are provided for by the cars’ binary suspension at two diagonal upper points on two closed counterweight chains. The paternoster’s electric drive is usually located at the bottom, and the screw tensioning device for the lifting chains is at the top. In accordance with safety regulations, the paternoster has an automatic protection system that comes into operation, for example, in case of a break or inadmissible lengthening of the chains, pressure on the safety clack valves situated on the threshold of the car and the shaft openings, or pressure on the protective panels in the areas where the car shifts direction.

In comparison with intermittent-operation elevators, the paternoster has a short passenger-waiting time but a longer traveling time and a limited lifting height (10–12 floors). Paternosters have not gained wide acceptance.



A small round molding cut in the form of beads like a rosary; a bead molding.


RC Church
1. the Lord's Prayer, esp in Latin
2. the recital of this as an act of devotion
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