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a city of the Bosporan state. It is believed that the remains of a fortified settlement on the northern shore of the Gulf of Taman’ are the remains of Patraeus. Archaeological excavations of the site, which is being destroyed by the sea, were conducted from 1948 to 1961 by A. S. Bashkirov and in the 1960’s by N. I. Sokol’skii. It has been established that the settlement arose in the sixth century B.C. In the first century B.C., a fortress of unfired brick was built.

Patraeus was burned by enemies at the turn of the second century A.D. Its economy was based on agriculture, and wine-making was of great significance from the first to third centuries A.D. Patraeus was devastated by the Huns in the A.D. 370’s. Later a medieval settlement existed on the ruins of the ancient town.


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