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An application management suite from BMC that uses agents to report on software activities on all the servers within the enterprise. Using the information in "knowledge modules" (KMs) about each system component, agents detect events, collect information and notify system and network administrators to take corrective action.



a reconnaissance or security element sent out by subunits and units in a combat situation.

The composition of the patrol during action in vehicles is from one tank (armored personnel carrier, combat vehicle) to a platoon; in dismounted formation it may be two or three soldiers (members of a patrol), a (patrol) squad, or a motorized rifle platoon. In addition, engineer and chemical reconnaissance patrols are sent out in the special troops. The missions of the patrol include obtaining intelligence concerning the enemy, terrain, and radiation and chemical situation and warning troops of surprise enemy attacks. The patrol carries out its missions by surveillance and combat. The distance between the patrol and the main forces depends on its composition, the assigned mission, and the combat situation. In the navy the patrol consists of individual ships or aircraft dispatched from large ship units to check whether an enemy is present.


The organized employment of aircraft to detect enemy presence in a specific area or movement across a specific line. A standing patrol is one that is airborne either over a point to be defended or on the route through which the enemy is expected to intrude.
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During this Saturday shift, the patrolmen were specifically on the lookout for violators of the beach areas that were closed to protect the Western snowy plover's nesting season.
The remarkably cheap feat was completed by AA patrolmen raising money for Cancer Research UK.
She believed that by the time she had regained her composure it was too late to file a complaint, but when she noticed two Warren patrolmen investigating a vehicle theft on her block that day, she approached them to report the incident.
The 11 patrolmen took a horse from their stable and rode safely behind this wagon back to Platoon headquarters.
SIX AA patrolmen have been honoured for acts of bravery which included the rescue of a driver from a burning car.
Five police patrolmen at Atsugi police station in Kanagawa Prefecture have been reprimanded for assaulting four newly recruited officers in a series of incidents between March and July, Kanagawa prefectural police said Thursday.
According to Peter Coddington, an attorney retained by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association to represent the men, the tests from the other labs produced opposite results.
When two patrolmen hassled an attorney representing gays, Bouza said the two had "taken the United States Constitution and wiped their butts with it.
"That guy was great," he said, still chawing and pointing to a black-and-white photograph of a stocky 1940s cop, "he was incredible." Moving down the row of trophies, some of which looked like bowling souvenirs, and others that spoke with authority, like silver statues of 1920s-looking patrolmen with their arms cocked in the firing position, Barnes gets to the last plaque, the one with physical fitness awards given to his crew.
The detective said about 25 patrolmen, sergeants and dispatchers pay $12 a week union dues into the account.
Fully-trained home patrolmen and women will even put up garden fences, install showers and bathrooms.