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An application management suite from BMC that uses agents to report on software activities on all the servers within the enterprise. Using the information in "knowledge modules" (KMs) about each system component, agents detect events, collect information and notify system and network administrators to take corrective action.



a reconnaissance or security element sent out by subunits and units in a combat situation.

The composition of the patrol during action in vehicles is from one tank (armored personnel carrier, combat vehicle) to a platoon; in dismounted formation it may be two or three soldiers (members of a patrol), a (patrol) squad, or a motorized rifle platoon. In addition, engineer and chemical reconnaissance patrols are sent out in the special troops. The missions of the patrol include obtaining intelligence concerning the enemy, terrain, and radiation and chemical situation and warning troops of surprise enemy attacks. The patrol carries out its missions by surveillance and combat. The distance between the patrol and the main forces depends on its composition, the assigned mission, and the combat situation. In the navy the patrol consists of individual ships or aircraft dispatched from large ship units to check whether an enemy is present.


The organized employment of aircraft to detect enemy presence in a specific area or movement across a specific line. A standing patrol is one that is airborne either over a point to be defended or on the route through which the enemy is expected to intrude.
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The patrolmen spend a lot of time with the horses to create the bond that's necessary for them to work as a team on patrol, Vera said.
In this regard, two assistant police inspectors were given warnings by the chief of Kanagawa prefectural police for inadequate supervision of the five patrolmen, police said.
While in other cities police chiefs beg for resources, he was looking a gift horse in the mouth, because he sincerely believed the extra patrolmen would do little to deter crime.
I asked a public affairs officer what kinds of cars the patrolmen drive.
A third roadside bomb went off near a traffic police patrol near the International al-Shaab Playground in eastern Baghdad, injuring four persons, including three patrolmen,"he added.
Dozens of patrolmen and women have needed hospital treatment after being hit by cars.
One of the patrolmen, who did not want to be named, said: "When we drove in to get him out we never realised how much of a bog it was.
Halloran will become president of the union representing the city's police patrolmen on Jan.
Thanks in part to Roby's efforts, the CHP's museum in Sacramento will display a more fitting memorial to Steiner and other patrolmen who lost their lives while on duty: a custom-built, zero-emission motorbike believed to be among the first high-speed, lithium-powered cycles developed.
Patrolmen are taken aback sometimes but we pick a calm bunch of people and train them for any eventuality.
Holly Roseberry, President of Hybrid Technologies stated, "We are very proud to be working with the men and women of the California Highway Patrol and the California Association of Highway Patrolmen on this project.
And Jim Whitmarsh, who was axed on Friday, said he was one of the patrolmen hit by a car.