Patsy Cline

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Cline, Patsy,

1932–63, American country singer, b. Winchester, Va., as Virginia Patterson Hensley. She began singing locally while still in her teens and signed her first recording contract in 1953, but did not become well known until after the release of her first hit, "Walkin' after Midnight" (1957). Cline became a regular performer on radio's Grand Ole Opry in 1960. While remaining a country artist, she was the first female vocalist to successfully cross over to the pop charts. Among her other hits are "I Fall to Pieces" (1961), "Crazy" (1961), and "She's Got You" (1962). Cline was killed in a plane crash at the age of 30. Her strong, golden-toned voice and expressive, sometimes sobbing style influenced a wide range of singers including Dottie West, Loretta LynnLynn, Loretta,
1935–, American country singer and songwriter, b. Butcher Hollow, Ky. One of the most successful singers in modern country music, she has a distinct voice and a style reminiscent of earlier traditional country singers.
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, Tammy Wynette, Dolly PartonParton, Dolly,
1946–, country singer, songwriter, and actress, b. Sevier County, Tenn. Among the most popular country singers of the 1970s and 80s, Parton is known for her Nashville-style flamboyance, talent for self-parody, and intelligent and witty approach to popular,
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, and K. D. Lang. Cline was posthumously named (1992) to the Country Music Hall of Fame and given (1995) a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.


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Cline, Patsy (b. Virginia Patterson Hensley)

(1932–63) country music singer; born in Winchester, Va. She played the piano and began singing country music while a teenager; she adopted the last name of her first husband and retained it after divorcing him. In 1957 she won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts contest and went on to record such hits as "I Fall to Pieces" (1960) and "Crazy" (1961). One of the first country performers to achieve success on both the popular and country music charts, her music used innovative vocals and arrangements. She died in a plane crash.
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Joli Jensen's chapter "'Becoming a Postage Stamp': Patsy Cline, Visual Image, and the Celebrity Process" traces the process of Cline's posthumous iconization, thus uncovering how culture makers controlled Cline's image for the purposes of creating a mythology.
lang, for instance, tells of receiving two Patsy Cline albums on her 21st birthday: "I started listening to them seriously and just being blown away by her interpretative quality and the timbre of her voice.
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