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patten, patand, patin

1. The base of a column or pillar.
2. A base or a groundsill which supports a column, post, or pillar.
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Infraspinatusta parsiyel ve tam kat rupturlu olgulari tespit etmede Patte ve direncli dis rotasyon testlerinin her ikisinin de duyarliliklari yuksek (%71,4), secicilikleri dusuk (%56,5-%47,8) bulundu.
Patte had a magnetic personality that captured those she knew into long time friends.
PHOTO (Color in SAC Edition only) Program director Patte Dee says the fifth annual Santa Clarita International Film Festival will be ready to open on Friday with a movie and reception.
Contractor address : ZAC de la Patte d~Oie, 11 rue de Savoie
Lesquels pourront avoir lieu au [beaucoup moins que]Cairo Jazz Club[beaucoup plus grand que] en Egypte et a la Patte d'Oie en France.
That draw - gleaned from box office receipts, screenings for schoolchildren, assorted seminars and the awards banquet Friday night - represented a 64 percent rise in attendance compared to last year, according to Patte Dee, program director for the festival.
Serious dramas are in this festival, (films) to do with child abuse or abandonment or death, but they're done in a way that you could take your child or your grandmother and not be embarrassed,'' says Patte Dee, program director for the festival.
Des le debut de la rencontre, Seville a pose sa patte sur le match.
2--Color) (Color in SAC Edition only) Program director Patte Dee oversees the Santa Clarita International Film Festival, which gets under way today at Edwards Cinemas.
GeoRanger is a trademark of Fugro Airborne Surveys ScanEagle is a registered trademark of the Boeing Company For More Information Contact: Chesua Patte Public Relations Chesua.
Patte Dee, one of the founders of the Santa Clarita International Film Festival, believes you don't have to be stuck in life.
7) Dressed in a turn-of-the-century costume, Zelda Gilbert, faculty dean of Woodbury University in Burbank, greets honorees Leonie and Leonis Malburg and Patte Barham Boyne, whose father was the publisher of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.