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patten, patand, patin

1. The base of a column or pillar.
2. A base or a groundsill which supports a column, post, or pillar.
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The person I had seen in pattens, who I suppose to have been the cook, frequently came and skirmished with her at the door, and there appeared to be ill will between them.
The umbrellas in the passage had been heaped into the little corner outside the back-parlour door; the bonnet and shawl of the landlady's servant had been removed from the bannisters; there were not more than two pairs of pattens on the street-door mat; and a kitchen candle, with a very long snuff, burned cheerfully on the ledge of the staircase window.
As there was a board outside, which acquainted the public that servants-of-all-work were perpetually in waiting to be hired from ten till four, Nicholas knew at once that some half-dozen strong young women, each with pattens and an umbrella, who were sitting upon a form in one corner, were in attendance for that purpose: especially as the poor things looked anxious and weary.
The latter good soul was a gaunt, angular woman, who, with an old black bonnet on the top of her head, the strings dangling about her shoulders, and her gown tucked through her pocket-holes, went clattering about the dairy, cheese-room, and yard, in high pattens.
Fiona Pattens Bill provides a way-forward on a number of these issues, but there is more to be done to develop a safe, fair, workable framework and provide certainty to the industry.
Today Fiona Patten and I agreed to work together to develop a regulatory framework for rideshare services that works for Victoria.
The Pattens grew apart, and their marriage dissolved, touching off an emotional crisis that drove him to therapy.
On a midsummer afternoon, Patten settled back into a comfortable couch in the living room of his stone Colonial off Massachusetts Avenue in Worcester.
Today's youthful Pattens and Clarkes would surely join Labour.
The book still reads well and its author, now paunchy and past 50, remains a very interesting figure: Chris Patten.
The Pattens arrived in the Philippines yesterday after sailing from Hong Kong on the royal yacht Britannia.
Former Hong Kong governor Chris Patten has been offered pounds 1million to become a TV star.