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Fish and Wildlife Service's Patuxent Research Refuge, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center, and the U.
The honor also reflects the historic cooperative research done by the Patuxent Research Refuge and ARS scientists for the benefit of wildlife habitat.
From this Web site you can browse through Civil War history along West Virginia's Allegheny Front; follow the slow, twisting rivers and cypress lakes of Florida; and discover the Patuxent Research Refuge in Maryland.
Patuxent Research Refuge - Endangered Crane Complex
I appreciate the hospitality you've shown us here at Patuxent Research Refuge.
Department of the Interior's Patuxent Research Refuge and other government agencies--harbors a native gene pool of worldwide significance.
Representatives of Infineon Technologies Richmond received the award in a ceremony today during the 2003 Annual Meeting of the Chesapeake Bay Program, held at Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland.
Department of the Interior's Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland, on contaminants of wildlife feed.