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Bowles, Paul,

1910–99, American writer and composer, b. New York City. He studied in Paris with Virgil ThomsonThomson, Virgil,
1896–1989, American composer, critic, and organist, b. Kansas City, Mo. Thomson studied in Paris with Nadia Boulanger. Until about 1926 he wrote in a dissonant, neoclassic style, but after his 16-minute quintet Sonata da chiesa
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 and Aaron CoplandCopland, Aaron
, 1900–1990, American composer, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. Copland was a pupil of Rubin Goldmark and of Nadia Boulanger, who introduced his work to the United States when she conducted his Symphony for Organ and Orchestra in 1925.
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 and composed (1930s–40s) a number of modernist operas, ballets, song cycles, and orchestral and chamber pieces. From 1947 on he lived in Tangier, Morocco. Strongly individualistic and written with an austere lack of sentimentality, his fiction is frequently set in the Arab world and often traces the corruption of innocence and the psychic disintegration of "civilized man" in a savagely primitive environment. His works include the short-story collections The Delicate Prey (1950), The Time of Friendship (1967), Collected Stories, 1939–1976 (1979), and Unwelcome Words (1988); and the novels The Sheltering Sky (1949), Up above the World (1966), and In the Red Room (1981). His 62 short stories were brought together in a 2001 collection. Bowles was also an accomplished travel writer, poet, and photographer.


See his autobiography, Without Stopping (1972); biographies by C. Sawyer-Laucanno (1989) and M. Dillon (1998); film biography, Let it Come Down (1999), by J. Baichwal; In Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles (1994), ed. by J. Miller; Conversations with Paul Bowles (1993), ed. by G. D. Caponi; study by R. F. Patterson (1986); bibliography by J. Miller (1986).

His wife was Jane Auer Bowles, 1917–73, American writer, b. New York City. Original and idiosyncratic, her works often treat the conflict between the weak and the strong. They include the novel Two Serious Ladies (1943) and a play, In the Summer House (1954).


See her collected writings (2017, ed. by M. Dillon) and collected letters (1985, ed. by M. Dillon); biography by M. Dillon (1981).

Bowles, Paul (Frederick)

(1910–  ) writer, composer; born in New York City. Son of a dentist (whom he never forgave for working so hard on his teeth), he went to Paris in the late 1920s and had his poetry published in Transition. After studying with Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson, he composed theater music, film scores, and opera in the 1930s–1940s. He married the writer Jane Bowles in 1938. His first novel, The Sheltering Sky (1949), dealt, like much of his subsequent fiction, with expatriate travelers in non-Western lands. Settling in Tangier, Morroco, in 1952, he collected and translated much Moroccan folklore while becoming something of a cult figure for the international literary set.
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Mounir Fatmi, qui a vecu la fin de la vie de deux grandes figures de la litterature universelle, a savoir Mohamed Choukri et Paul Bowles, s'est inspire du mouvement Beat Generation.
Schwarz, who earned his bachelor's of arts degree in music at Queens College in 1979, focused on twentieth-century music, particularly minimalism (see his 1996 book, Minimalists), Steve Reich (the subject of his 1982 master's thesis at Indiana University), and Paul Bowles (the subject of his doctoral work at the City University of New York Graduate Center).
In this show--whose title refers to Bernardo Bertolucci's film of 1990 rather than the 1949 Paul Bowles novel on which it was based--Saleme presented to an oneiric universe of images that seemed to alternate between revealing and concealing from the viewer all the elements that compose them.
Discourse with his mentors, composer Aaron Copland and conductors Serge Koussevitsky and Dimitri Mitropoulos, is well covered, but not a single written exchange with his colleague Paul Bowles, despite Bernstein making his New York debut conducting Bowles's zarzuela The Wind Remains, and the latter becoming a distinguished man of letters.
En el siglo XIX y XX sedujo a pintores como Delacroix o Matisse, que se hospedo en el hotel Ville de France, ahora perfectamente rehabilitado tras anos de abandono, e intelectuales como Tennessee Williams y Paul Bowles.
Re-creating Paul Bowles, The Other and The Imagination: Music, Film, and Photography
Paul Bowles dubbed it 'the baptism of solitude'--the sensation that the desert provokes; a source of well-being for the soul.
Paul Bowles cuts a unique figure in the annals of 20th century artists, having equally brought to creative fruition his early promise in both music and literature.
Jim Jarmusch marca un eje entre Tanger y Detroit, dos capitales culturales que conectan milenios de cultura, los romanos, la cultura del Islam, la ciudad amada de Delacroix, Matisse, Yourcenar, Paul Bowles, con la ciudad del Motown y del soul.
DeGraaf's "Searching for 'Authenticity' in Paul Bowles' Denmark Vesey" explores how this lesser-known opera, written by composer Paul Bowles and librettist Charles Henri Ford in the mid-1930s, framed questions of "authentic" cultural representation in the larger context of the idiom of the "race opera"--the most notable example of this genre being Porgy and Bess--that appeared on American stages during the intrawar years.
I first met Paul Bowles in May 1977 when I went to Tangier to interview him for the biography I was writing of his wife, Jane.
Eliot-- y su joven amante y musa Chester Kallman, con quien escribiera varios libretos de opera; Benjamin Britten, compositor lider, ingles tambien, y su pareja de toda la vida, el tenor Peter Pears; Paul Bowles, quiza mas conocido por nosotros como novelista, autor de The Sheltering Sky (El cielo protector), pero tambien sobresaliente compositor, y su esposa Jane Bowles, escritora de cuentos y novelas.