Paul Barras

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Barras, Paul


Born June 30, 1755, in Fox-Amphoux; died Jan. 29, 1829, in Chaillot. A figure of the Great French Revolution. A nobleman.

Barras was elected to the Convention in September 1792 and voted for the death sentence for King Louis XVI. He joined the Jacobins. As a commissar of the Convention, he participated in the suppression of the royalist rebellion in Toulon (1793). An unprincipled politician and a careerist who was constantly striving for personal enrichment, Barras was one of the organizers of the counterrevolutionary Ther-midorian coup d’etat (July 27–28, 1794). During the rule of the Directory, he was a member of all its convocations. Barras helped to promote Napoleon Bonaparte. Nevertheless, after the coup d’etat of the 18th of Brumaire (Nov. 9–10, 1799) he was barred from political life.


Mémoires . . . , vols. 1–4. Paris, 1895–96.
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