Paul Muni

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Paul Muni
Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund
BirthplaceLwów, Austro-Hungarian Empire (present day Lviv, Ukraine)

Muni, Paul


(stage name of Frederich Mayer Weisenfreund). Born Sept. 22, 1895, in Lemberg, Austria, present-day L’vov, Ukrainian SSR; died Aug. 26, 1967, in Santa Barbara, Calif. American actor.

From the age of eight, Muni performed in various theaters in West European cities with his parents, who were actors. In 1926 he made his debut on Broadway in New York City and thereafter periodically performed with many of the city’s companies.

In 1929, Muni made his debut in films. He was one of the best American actors of the 1930’s. His best roles included a prisoner in I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932), a gangster in Scarface (1932), Pasteur in The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936), Zola in The Life of Emile Zola (1937), and Benito Juárez in Juárez (1939). Most of these films are protests against the forces of reaction and fanaticism. After the mid-1940’s, Muni acted only in supporting roles.

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PAUL Muni had appeared earlier in a movie obviously based on the Chicago racketeer but Rod Steiger was the first star to portray Capone.
Now let's all think really hard: what Jewish problem could Hitchcock address to get the best out of Paul Muni.
The early thirties saw the start of Hollywood's enduring gangster genre and the great "gangster actors" headed by James Cagney, Edward G Robinson, Paul Muni and George Raft.
Lear Capital tells us that a solid gold Oscar would have been worth around $4,760 back in 1934 when Clark Gable beat out Frank Morgan, William Powell and Paul Muni to win the Oscar for Best Actor in It Happened One Night at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.
If in Deewar , he presented Bachchan in a definitive avatar, he moved to an ensemble cast in Kabhi Kabhi ( just as he had done way back with Waqt ) and showed the actor with the Paul Muni voice in a romantic avatar.
is releasing some classics that had received Oscar nominations and wins, including the 1937 ``Captains Courageous'' with Spencer Tracy, the 1931 ``The Champ'' with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper, the 1937 ``The Good Earth''' (yes, we all had to read Pearl Buck's novel) with Paul Muni and Luise Rainer, and Vincent Minnelli's 1956 ``Lust for Life'' in which Vincent van Gogh (Kirk Douglas) finds his starry, starry nights, and Anthony Quinn won a best supporting actor award as Paul Gauguin.
The part was then turned down by Paul Muni, James Cagney, Edward G.
Tracing the slow, inevitable descent of a hapless and largely innocent WWI veteran-turned-hobo, the film casts Paul Muni as a man whose single misstep ensnares him in a sadistic "corrections" system with an insatiable appetite for its pound of flesh.
Paul Muni as Scarface had them flocking to the Odeon to gape at the gangster culture of America.
Some of the most popular movie stars of all time, including Academy Award(R) winners Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Claudette Colbert and Paul Muni, star in unforgettable productions from acclaimed directors such as Howard Hawks and Cecil B.
In the film Air Force with John Garfield, I say he was the pilot and Paul Muni the rear gunner.
He was also an actor, sharing the stage with the likes of Clifford Odets, Paul Muni and Maurice Schwartz in the 1930s.