Paul Broca

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Broca, Paul

(pōl brôkä`), 1824–80, French pathologist, anthropologist, and pioneer in neurosurgery. A professor in Paris at the Faculty of Medicine and at the Anthropological Institute, he was a founder of the Anthropological Society of Paris (1859) and of the Revue d'anthropologie (1872). An authority on aphasia, he localized the brain center for articulate speech in the convolution of Broca, or Broca's area (the third convolution of the left frontal lobe). He originated methods of classifying hair and skin color and of establishing brain and skull ratios.
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The link between handedness and cerebral lateralization was discovered by a French physician and anatomist called Paul Pierre Broca (1824 - 1880), a distinguished scholar in this subject (Zaidel & Benson, 1985; Nishitani et al, 2004).
Paul Pierre Broca studied the brains of dysphasic patients.
Tatiana revealed that the LIFG includes Broca's area, named after the 19th-century French scientist Paul Pierre Broca, which is responsible for aspects of speech production, language processing and language comprehension.