Paul Sébillot

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Sébillot, Paul


Born 1846 in Matignon, Côtes-du-Nord; died Apr. 23, 1918, in Paris. French folklorist. ethnologist, and archaeologist; one of the founders of French folklore studies.

Sébillot collected and studied oral folk literature, mainly that of Brittany. His chief study, The Folklore of France, provided the first generalized and systematic account of the extensive material on French folk poetry, beliefs, customs, and perceptions of nature that had been collected in the late 19th century.


Le Folklore de France, vols. 1–4. Paris, 1904–07.
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the term from French writer and folklorist Paul Sebillot but
Of the other five, three were folktales recorded by French folklorist Paul Sebillot, and two were by the Belgian Charles Deulin; and these five were similar to the other French tales in their comic tone.
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