Paulus Aegineta

Aegineta, Paulus:

see Paul of AeginaPaul of Aegina
, 7th cent.?, Greek physician. His only extant work is a medical history in seven books; it was translated into English, with a commentary by Francis Adams (3 vol., 1844–47).
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(3.) Francis Adams The Seven Books of Paulus Aegineta: Translated with a Commentary Embracing a Complete View of The Knowledge Possessed by the Greeks, Romans and the Arabians on All Subjects Connected with Medicine and surgery, Sydenham Soc., 3 vols, London, 1844-1847.
[2] Paulus Aegineta suggested release of tongue tie by cutting the frenulum transversely and making superficial incision to avoid haemorrhage [3].
Paulus Aegineta (625-690 AD) and Bysantine medicine.