Pavel Aleksandrovich Lachinov

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Lachinov, Pavel Aleksandrovich


Born Dec. 19 (31), 1837, in Shatsk, now in Riazan Oblast; died June 22 (July 4), 1891, near Borovichi, Novgorod Oblast. Russian chemist.

Lachinov graduated from the Mikhail Artillery Academy in St. Petersburg in 1858. From 1864 to 1891 he worked at the St. Petersburg Institute of Farming (renamed the Institute of Forestry in 1877; now the Leningrad Academy of Forestry Technology), where he became a professor in 1884. Between 1865 and 1871 Lachinov studied the effects of the nitro group, the halogens, and other hydrogen substituents on the properties of aromatic hydrocarbons. He also carried out research on bile and the composition and properties of cholesterol and cholic acid, choleic (deoxycholic) acid, and other acids.


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