Pavel Biriukov

Biriukov, Pavel Ivanovich


Born Nov. 2 (15), 1860, in the village of Ivanovskoe, Kostroma Province; died Oct. 10, 1931, in Geneva. Russian writer and public figure.

In 1884, Biriukov became acquainted with L. N. Tolstoy and began to propagandize the latter’s religious teachings. He took part in the publishing house Posrednik (The Mediator), and he came out in defense of the Dukhobors (sectarians who adhered to extreme Protestant doctrines). From 1898 on (with some interruptions) he lived abroad. In Geneva he met V. I. Lenin, who visited his house. He began publishing materials on Tolstoy in 1906. Biriukov’s monumental work A Biography of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (vols. 1–4, 1922–23) was the first attempt at a detailed biography of the great writer. In his work Biriukov made use of information given to him by Tolstoy himself.


Tolstoy, L. N. Poln. sobr. soch., vol. 63. Moscow-Leningrad, 1934. Pages 227–30.
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Emest Crosby described Tolstoyism as'my ism: Tolstoyans like Crosby and Kenworthy, Chertkov, Albert Skarvan and Pavel Biriukov devoted themselves to translating, pubfishing and promoting To[stoy's works abroad and also to furthering his vision.
En la carta enviada a Pavel Biriukov, en marzo de 1887, dice: "El escritor de obras artisticas necesita, ademas de talento externo, dos cosas: la primera, saber como deben ser las cosas, y la segunda, estar convencido de que asi deben ser, tanto que pueda ser capaz de representarlas como si ya fueran asi, como si estuviera viviendo en medio de eso.