Pavel Fomich Vygodovskii

Vygodovskii, Pavel Fomich


(pseudonym of P. F. Duntsov). Born 1802; died Dec. 12 (24), 1881, in Irkutsk. Decembrist.

Vygodovskii was from the peasantry of Podol’e Province. He took the noble name Vygodovskii and studied at a Catholic seminary. Later, he worked as an official in Zhitomir. Vygodovskii became a member of the Society of United Slavs in the summer of 1825. After the suppression of the Decembrist uprising, he was sentenced to two years in prison and exile in Siberia. He settled in Narym and wrote antigovernment and antireligious treatises. In 1855, after his second arrest, Vygodovskii was sent to Viliuisk; in 1871 he was transferred to Irkutsk.


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