Pavlik Morozov

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Pavel Trofimovch Morozov
BirthplaceVillage Gerasimovka, Turinski uesd, Tobolsk province, RSFSR
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Morozov, Pavlik


(Pavel Trofimovich Morozov). Born Nov. 14, 1918, in the village of Gerasimovka, present-day Tavda Raion, Sverdlovsk Oblast; died there Sept. 3, 1932. Young Pioneer, participant in the struggle against the kulaks during the collectivization of agriculture in the USSR.

Morozov was the son of a poor peasant. He organized and was the chairman of the first Young Pioneers’ detachment in Gerasimovka. The Young Pioneers helped the Communists in the agitation for the creation of a kolkhoz and unmasked the hostile actions of the kulaks. He was brutally murdered by the kulaks. The Gerasimovka and other kolkhozes, schools, and Young Pioneer brigades (druzhiny) have been named after Morozov, and his name was the first to be entered in the Book of Honor of the Lenin All-Union Young Pioneer Organization (Nov. 3, 1955). Monuments in honor of Morozov have been erected in Moscow (1948), Gerasimovka (1954), and Sverdlovsk (1957).


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Implied in her question was the legendary propaganda story of Pavel Morozov, a young boy in the 1930s who allegedly turned his father in to the political police for being an enemy of the then-new communist regime; as a result of his actions, Morozov's father was imprisoned in a labor camp and then executed.
In early September 1932, thirteen-year-old Pavel Morozov and his younger brother Fedor, returning home from picking berries near their native Gerasimovka (Tavda District, Western Siberia), were brutally murdered.
Amis laughs a third time when Stalin speaks of the miserable Pavel Morozov. A teenage peasant, Morozov was a Soviet icon, a hero renowned for turning his father in to the authorities.
Druzhnikov, Informer 001 (New Brunswick, 1997), for an excellent illustration of the precarious position of sel'sovet chairman in the person of Pavel Morozov's father.
"Just say no and walk away" recommends Pavel Morozov, deputy general director of ACFES, a multifaceted company with interests in shipping, tourism, ship building and general trade.