Pavel Nikitich Sakulin

Sakulin, Pavel Nikitich


Born Sept. 1 (13), 1868, in the village of Voskresenskoe (?), Samara Province; died Sept. 7, 1930, in Leningrad; buried in Moscow. Soviet literary scholar. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1929).

Sakulin graduated from the faculty of history and philosophy of Moscow University in 1891. From 1902 to 1911 he taught a course on the history of Russian literature at Moscow University. He was a representative of the school of cultural history in literary theory and criticism. Sakulin’s methodological investigations during the 1920’s were aimed at bringing academic literary theory and criticism closer to Marxism. Rich in factual material, Sakulin’s works are important even for the readers of today.


Iz istorii russkogo idealizma: Kniaz’ V. F. Odoevskii, parts 1–2. Moscow, 1913.
Nauka o literature—ee itogi i perspektivy: Sotsiologicheskii metod v literaturovedenii. Moscow, 1925.
Russkaia literatura: Sotsiologicheskii obzor literaturnykh stilei, parts 1–2. Moscow, 1928–29.


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