Pavel Osipovich Gukasov

Gukasov, Pavel Osipovich


Born 1858; year of death unknown. A member of the financial oligarchy of the Russian Empire; engineer and magnate of the Baku petroleum industry.

Of Armenian nationality, Gukasov and his brother Arshak controlled the boards of a number of major oil companies and associations, which made up the major oil monopolies. He presided at conferences of Baku oil industrialists (1890–1906 and 1915–17). During 1906–12, Gukasov was a member of the State Council from the commercial-industrial body of electors. In 1916 he became chairman of the council of the Russian Commercial-Industrial Bank. After the October Revolution the Gukasovs emigrated, and during the 1920’s they were active in the counterrevolutionary organization Torgprom in Paris.


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