Pavel Zhitetskii

Zhitetskii, Pavel Ignat’evich


Born Dec. 23, 1836 (Jan. 4, 1837), in Kremenchug; died Mar. 5 (18), 1911. Ukrainian philologist, corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1898).

Zhitetskii graduated from the University of Kiev in 1864. He belonged to the cultural-historical school. He wrote the following works on Ukrainian and Russian linguistics, literature, and folklore:An Outline of the Phonic History of the Ukrainian Tongue (1876), Kotliarevskii’s “Aeneid” and Its Oldest Manuscript in Connection With a Survey of Ukrainian Literature of the 18th Century (1890), Thoughts on Ukrainian Folk Ballads (1893), and An Outline of the History of the Ukrainian Language in the 17th Century (published in 1941).