an urban-type settlement in Liepāja Raion, Latvian SSR. Situated on the Baltic Sea, 3 km from the Kursa railroad station and 55 km north of Liepāja. Pāvilosta’s industries are fishing and fish processing. The Grini Preserve for rare plants is located nearby.

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Contract awarded for Health insurance for pavilosta county municipality employees
A similar increase in northern winds during the day can be seen in data from other coastal observation stations (Pavilosta and Liepaja, figures not shown).
Rare limestone interlayers within condensed black shales of the deep shelf are recorded in the Ventspils, Talsi, Pavilosta, Nitaure, and other West Latvian cores.
The Kaugatuma and Ohesaare boreholes on the Sorve Peninsula in Estonia and the Kolka-54 borehole in the north of the Kurzeme Region of Latvia are located rather close to the Silurian shore and three more Latvian ones (Ventspils, Pavilosta and Priekule-20) are in the offshore area (Fig.
Pavilosta Port handled 2,300 tons of cargo in 2015.
Graptolites from the lower Ludlow in the Ventspils and Pavilosta cores (Ulst in Gailite et al.
The upper part of the Kuldiga Formation; drill cores and depths: Stirnas-18, 899.5 m (and possibly above 897.6 and 898.7 m); Riekstini, 847.2 m; possibly in the following drill cores: Vilcini, 908.2 m; Aizpute, 988.7 m; Mezmali, 910.8 m; Piltene-30, 939.6 m; Talsi, 867 m; or also in the Saldus Formation of the Cirulisi, 636.1 m, and Pavilosta, 1079 m, drill cores.
This book was followed by studies on different faunal groups including those from the Ventspils, Pavilosta and Dubovskoye cores (Kaljo & Sarv 1976; Viira 1982, 1999; Marss 1986, 1997; Gailite et al.
The distribution of chitinozoans in the uppermost Wenlock sequence has earlier been studied in five East Baltic drill cores: Ohesaare, Kolka, Ventspils-D3, Pavilosta and Gussev-1 (Nestor 2007), as well as in the Ruhnu (Nestor 2003) and Viki (Nestor 2010) cores.
The distribution of chitinozoans in the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds in five East Baltic drill cores (Ohesaare, Kolka, Ventspils, Pavilosta, Gussev-1) has been described in Nestor (2007).
During the last decade a large number of Silurian chitinozoan samples were investigated from the west Latvian (Kolka, Pavilosta) and Kaliningrad (Gussev-1) deep cores (Fig.