Pawel Kochanski

Kochański, Paweł


Born Sept. 14, 1887, in Odessa; died Jan. 12, 1934, in New York. Polish violinist and teacher.

Kochariski studied with E. Mlynarski in Odessa and Warsaw and C. Thomson in Brussels. In 1907 he began teaching at the Warsaw Conservatory. Settling in Russia in 1913, he became a professor at the Petrograd (1916-18) and Kiev (1919-20) conservatories and gave many concerts. From 1921 he lived in the USA, becoming a professor at the Juilliard School of Music in 1924. Kochariski toured many countries, championing contemporary violin music, especially the works of K. Szymanowski and S. S. Prokofiev. His pieces for the violin and adaptations of works by M. de Falla, K. Szymanowski and other composers influenced the development of a new style of violin composition.


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