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A Web payment processing service from PayPal, San Jose, CA ( Founded in 1998 and acquired by eBay in late 2002, PayPal operates as an independent brand. Customers with PayPal accounts can pay for merchandise by bank account or credit card on any PayPal merchant site, and their financial data are not revealed to the merchant. Anyone else may use credit cards on PayPal sites; however, their financial data are sent to the merchant.

An E-Commerce Solution for Small Sites
PayPal's Web Payments Standard service hosts the processing on PayPal servers. Merchants add buttons on their order forms that link the customer to PayPal, which performs the credit card processing and returns the customer to the merchant's site with an approval or denial. Although the logo of the merchant is on the page, customers are well aware they have been transferred to an external PayPal service.

Gateways to Credit Card Merchant Services
For retail sites that wish to display credit card forms with their own site's custom look, PayPal's Web Payments Pro offers gateways to PayPal credit card services or to a merchant's existing credit card service provider.

Send Money Free
Individuals with PayPal accounts can send money to anyone with a bank account and e-mail address. If recipients do not have a PayPal account, they are asked to open one when they receive notification that funds have been sent and are pending.

A Huge Success
In 2002, the company went international, allowing its customers to accept payments in euros and pounds. It operates throughout the world with more than 140 million PayPal account holders.
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Peter Kingston, Llandudno branch vice chairman, said his branch disaffiliated from the RBL last December before the Pay Pal system was brought in, and their members can still pay by cash.
Payment can be made online through the website via Pay Pal or by contacting Kory White directly, Director of Player Personnel for the Kentucky Knights at (270) 543-4179.
Stores accept items on consignment for seller-customers by providing assistance with photography, listing sales copy, working with buyers, eBay and Pay Pal fees, packing and shipping items sent to buyers and finally issuing a check to the seller.
Subscription can be paid through pay pal for the online version and by certified cheque or money order for the printed version.
In addition to easy navigation, event registration is also quick and straight-forward on the site, with clearly designated areas for registering and convenient payment options including Pay Pal.
A number of events are being organised to try to help to raise funds for Ayres and the Paphos People forum website has set up a Pay Pal account for those wishing to make donations.
Work session on administration council retreat, Delight Valley facility, school board goals, superintendent evaluation tools, board self-evaluation tools, Pay Pal project.
Once on the site, click on "Kate Barry," for a link to an online donation through Pay Pal.
The court heard that in a two-year history provided by ebay, pounds 8,393 was received on the Pay Pal account for that account and pounds 88,125.
The three-bedroom "eco-home" will only be "given away" if enough people enter to raise the asking price, which rises to pounds 1 million, when stamp duty, Pay Pal fees, furnishings and a donation to Cancer Research are factored in.
A COUNTERFEIT trader made up to pounds 100,000 in a Pay Pal account by selling fake designer clothing on online auction site eBay.
That would surely be a more fitting tribute than a few pounds from Pay Pal.