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toll road:

see turnpiketurnpike,
road paid for partly or wholly by fees collected from travelers at tollgates. It derives its name from the hinged bar that prevented passage through such a gate until the toll was paid. See also road.
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Highway section Demir Kapija-Smokvica will soon be open for traffic and have three pay toll stations.
Why should the public pay toll tax if the condition of roads is bad and they are facing problems.
The agreements are structured such that Atna and Klondex will pay toll milling fees for the processing of their ores, and all dore produced from the ores will remain the property of the mining companies.
A council spokesperson said: "We'll collect the rubbish but we're looking for a location to bring it to from the northside, so that we won't have to pay toll charges bringing it to the southside.
After pay toll (25 cents) turn left onto Spring Hill Road
They said that construction of new plazas has ruined the fun of hassle-free travel on the motorway resulting wastage of time as they have to pay toll on many toll plazas.
Brian Kelman Welsh residents should be issued with a free pass every time they leave and return to our homeland not pay toll fees.
Holders of Beep cards can now use it to pay toll on Cavite Expressway (Cavitex), the first time it will be used for payment on a tollway.
The project for electronic payment will modernize the pay toll only along Corridor 10, and the old system of cash payment will remain on the highway to Gostivar.
5 tonnes will pay toll pegged to the distance they travel on national roads, while vehicles with total weight below 3.
Vehicles take a long time passing through them as they decelerate, stop to pay toll and accelerate away.
The project will ensure a fast flow of vehicles at toll booths and will eliminate the human factor as a result of which avoiding having to pay toll will no longer be possible.