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Contrary to the view of some courts, (84) a paystub notation is not a "deduction." (85) It is only a manifestation of a deduction (86)--a proverbial shadow on the wall of the cave.
Paystubs are full of information regarding your vacation/sick leaves, hours, rates, retirement & taxes which you should be looking at regularly.
226(a) paystub requirements is entitled to recover the greater of all actual damages or a specified sum, not exceeding an aggregate penalty of $4,000, and is entitled to an award of costs and reasonable attorney's fees.
1, 2016, she stole the money by altering paystubs to add more dollars to her paychecks.
ABBYY's Digital IQ solutions are designed to optimize these operations by removing friction from business processes through automated understanding of structured and unstructured content (such as IDs, paystubs, tax forms, etc.).
One quarter of workers (25 percent) reported receiving less than minimum wage, 75.3 percent received no overtime pay, 70.8 percent got nothing for working extra hours before or after shifts, over half (56.7 percent) received no paystubs, and 72.7 percent worked during meal breaks.
The company also provides payroll services, including direct deposit, electronic paystubs and receipts, tax deductions and tax form filing for professionals in these fields.
It is also important to have your most recent paystubs handy, and to remember that the calculator's results are only as accurate as the information you enter.
Visit for employer tools such as an online premium calculator, downloadable paystubs to share with your employees (in 14 languages) and Employer Toolkit.
Pettus allegedly gave the bank a signed letter, claiming to be an employee of an auto collision business, and submitted four false paystubs purporting to be issued by that same auto collision business that inflated his income by $4,333 a month.