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processing element.


The country code for Peru.

professional engineer

A designation reserved, usually by law, for a person or organization professionally qualified and duly licensed to perform such engineering services as structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, civil, etc.


Abbr. for “plain edged.”


1. In the lumber industry, abbr. for “plain end.”
2. Abbr. for polyethylene.


(1) (Phase Encoding) An early magnetic encoding method used on 1600 bpi tapes in which a 1 is an up transition and a 0 is a down transition in the center of the bit cell.

(2) (Processing Element) One of multiple CPUs in a parallel processing system.

(3) (Professional Engineer) An engineering licensure based on a combination of education and experience. Although each state varies its regulations, the minimum requirements are a four year engineering degree from an accredited school, four years of professional engineering experience and successful completion of two stringent exams along the way. It is estimated that only about 20% of practicing engineers in the United States are licensed.