Peace Corps

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Peace Corps,

agency of the U.S. government, whose purpose is to assist underdeveloped countries in meeting their needs for trained manpower. The Peace Corps was established in 1961 by executive order of President Kennedy; Congress approved it as a permanent agency within the Dept. of State the same year. Peace Corps volunteers serve for two-year periods. Currently volunteers serve in more than 70 countries in such areas as agriculture; the teaching of languages, mathematics, and science; vocational training; business and public administration; and natural resource development. In 1981 the Peace Corps was made an independent agency. The program now also sends volunteers to the former Soviet-bloc nations and Communist nations and tries to attract more people with technical training or special skills, particularly in agriculture. In 2005 volunteers were deployed in the United States for the first time, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


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Peace Corps

U.S. agency devoted to assisting underdeveloped nations. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 575–576]
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The release states that there are 160 Peace Corps in Botswana, who are engaged in various areas of development such as education, health, community development as well as participating in programmes undertaken by Non-Governmental Organisations.
Weah notes that Peace Corps did their due diligence in those days, teaching and impacting Liberians' lives and supporting education.
After President Kennedy was assassinated, thousands of people applied to the Peace Corps in his honor.
Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan, who taught English as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), credits the Peace Corps for helping her succeed at the Department.
He joined the Peace Corps in July and was assigned to Namibia.
Changing chemoprophylaxis because of side effects might improve adherence, and the Peace Corps has already made changes to its policy that simplify this process and strengthen PCVs' and PCMOs' malaria education.
(4) The Peace Corps was one of the tools the United States drew on to achieve its modernizing objective, and in Latin America it was conceived as a local complement of the structural changes promoted through the Alliance for Progress.
Oliver and others fondly recalled being stationed in developing countries as they served in the Peace Corps. The experience revealed the world to them and opened their eyes to the global church.
The solemn oath ceremony of the 21-st group of volunteers of US Peace Corps in Armenia was held on 7 August
The Peace Corps Response to the 20/20 Stories and Victims' Charges
Hooked by tales of derring- do in remote places, University of Oregon students are volunteering for the Peace Corps at a higher than average rate.