Peacock Throne

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Peacock Throne:

see DelhiDelhi
, union territory and city, N central India. The union territory, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (2001 provisional pop. 13,782,976), 573 sq mi (1,484 sq km), is on the Delhi plain, which is crossed by the Yamuna River and stretches between the Aravalli
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All of these personages remain standing, except the mollahs, and are so placed as to form a lane the entire length of the audience-hall, up which the Shah-in-Shah proceeds with stately steps and seats himself on the carpet of pearls before the peacock throne.
Valadimir Hensen in his book "The Peacock Throne" has good words about their intelligence, administrative qualities, courage and good taste.
With over 33 works, in both mixed media and oil on canvas, the artist revives the past with the help of the bejeweled peacock throne, the curious lives of the many begums of the emperor, the splendor of the royal court and the vibrant art and culture that defined medieval India.
The US-nominated heir to the Peacock Throne never gets to Iran since he's stranded on a cross-Channel ferry.
After all, Saudi Arabia no longer acknowledges OPEC production quotas, pumps 10 mbd (its highest level since the Shah of Iran lost his Peacock Throne) and has 2.5 mbd in spare capacity to impose its will in the global oil markets.
Which country's monarchs sat on the Peacock throne? 8.
The death of 44-year-old Alireza Pahlavi of a gunshot wound at his home in Boston brought home the personal tragedies of many who fled Iran more than three decades ago, and symbolized another lost link to the era of the Western-backed dynasty's Peacock Throne.
3) that explain why Iran's current efforts to develop nuclear weapons are directly tied to their heritage and why a nuanced approach will be necessary to effectively engage the legacy of the Peacock Throne.
As Nadir Shah took away the famous Peacock throne, of Saharan, it was replaced with a replica which was decorated with fake pearls and diamonds.
Topkapi Palace includes a museum of priceless treasures, including a Peacock Throne now confirmed to belong to Nadir Shah of Iran and built in India during Nadir Shah's invasion of Delhi.