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Peacock Throne:

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, union territory and city, N central India. The union territory, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (2001 provisional pop. 13,782,976), 573 sq mi (1,484 sq km), is on the Delhi plain, which is crossed by the Yamuna River and stretches between the Aravalli
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Such is exemplified in those who want to see the monarchy reinstated and for Iran to return to its former "glory" under the Pahlavis, whilst totally ignoring how Mohammad Reza Shah lost his Peacock Throne in the first place: an obsession with being the fifth industrial power in the world rather than improving the status of his people, which led to an ailing economy and countless human rights violations.
Legendary possessions of the Mughals, such as the Koh-i-noor Diamond and the Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan, were carted off by pillaging Persians in 1739.
ANOTHER of the emperor's grand projects, the Peacock Throne, was made with 2,600 pounds of solid gold worth two million rupees and gems valued at another nine million rupees.
Thirty years ago the holder of the peacock throne learned to his cost that the people of Iran are not to be trifled with.
49 Which diamond now in the Tower of London had previously, in its eventful history, been an eye in the peacock throne of the Mogul emperors at Delhi?
So why not use the deadly Quark bomb as a threat to stop the Russkis interfering as we restore the Shah's dim brother to the Peacock Throne and turn them Eyeranians into good guys again?
These had such names as the Golestan (Palace of the Flowers), which held the Peacock Throne, or the Marble Palace, with its famous Hall of Mirrors.
Iran's Foreign Minister yesterday became the country's first official visitor to Britain since 1979, when the Islamic revolution toppled the Peacock Throne of the Shahs.
The Great Satan and the "Axis of Evil" defined the prism of suspicion that poisoned relations between Washington and Teheran since 1979, when Khomeini's Islamic revolutionaries overthrew the regime of the Shah of Iran, who had been placed on his Peacock Throne by a CIA/MI6 coup in 1953.
All of these personages remain standing, except the mollahs, and are so placed as to form a lane the entire length of the audience-hall, up which the Shah-in-Shah proceeds with stately steps and seats himself on the carpet of pearls before the peacock throne.
The Shah, who was constitutional king for nearly nine years after taking the oath on the eve of his father's abdication in 1941, had no particular desire to be married again, indeed he was known as something of an international playboy, particularly after his divorce from Egyptian-born Princess Fawzia, who had given him a daughter, Shahnaz but no male heir to the Peacock Throne.
PEACOCK THRONE Cardiff Castle - and its majestic residents - is the centrepiece of the Cardiff Central; cons t uency.