Peasants' Revolt

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Peasants' Revolt:

see Tyler, WatTyler, Wat,
d. 1381, English rebel. His given name appears in full as Walter; his surname signifies the trade of a roof tiler. He came into prominence as the leader of the rebellion of 1381, known as the Peasants' Revolt.
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Peasants’ Revolt,

the English villeins’ attempt to improve their lot (1381). [Br. Hist.: Bishop, 220–221, 373–374]
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This demand was met by the ruling classes with sternly repressive measures, and the socialistic Peasants' Revolt of John Ball and Wat Tyler in 1381 was violently crushed out in blood, but it expressed a great human cry for justice which could not permanently be denied.
It has become known as the Peasants' Revolt. 1842: Queen Victoria travelled by train for the first time, from Slough to Paddington, accompanied by Prince Albert.
As well as leading a peasants' revolt, James led a band of soldiers brandishing baguettes at the Arc de Triomphe, shared a joke with troops between takes and dressed as a madamoiselle, complete with stubble, right.
Chat-show host James Corden appears to lead a peasants' revolt as he filmed his version of the French novel in Paris for his US Late, Late Show.
Wat Tyler, who led the Peasants' Revolt, led his followers to London from which county in 1381?
Which king had to deal with the Peasants' Revolt of 1381?
At a deeper level, the Brexit vote can be seen as part of a transatlantic peasants' revolt, making itself felt in France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Austria, and of course the United States.
That is why Brexit, the "Peasants' Revolt" has caused such an upset to what had become the accepted way of things.
1381: The Year of the Peasants' Revolt. By Juliet Barker.
He is said to have started calling himself Jack after a leader of the 1381 Peasants' Revolt. And many happy returns to
On the Leave campaign, he said: "It has something of a peasants' revolt about it, and it is coming up from the grassroots of the country."
VICTORY in the fight against manorial rights in Anglesey has given fresh hope to the leaders of a "Peasants' Revolt" hundreds of miles away.