Peat Bog

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peat bog

[′pēt ‚bäg]
A bog in which peat has formed under conditions of acidity. Also known as peat bed; peat moor.
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Peat Bog


a natural formation consisting of a surface layer of peat-forming plants that thrive at high moisture levels and an underlying deposit of peat.

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In 2011 she began filming an earlier work, Layerscape (peat bogs), which was shown the following year in a remote bothy in the northern Pennines.
Radiocarbon dating of other Michigan peat bogs suggests organic material 16 feet beneath current ground level might have been in the environment 5,000 years or even longer.
Peat bogs are seen by some scientists to be as important and fragile as rainforests, and that's where the concern lies about the use of peat moss by gardeners.
The method has a greater sensitivity in peat soils compared with typical mineral soils, with good resolution at the very high moisture contents possible within natural peat bogs. Probe insertion is particularly easy in peat because of its very low bulk density, and distortion of probe spacing is less likely to occur compared with mineral soils, where it is a serious concern, since the DPHP method is extremely sensitive to needle spacing (Tarara and Ham 1997).
When peat bogs are ditched, the water table is lowered and the peat is aerated, which increases microbial activity and accelerates decomposition and nutrient release.
Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust has secured Heritage Lottery funding for the ambitious project at its Cors Dyfi Reserve, one of the few lowland peat bogs left in Wales.
They said after the incident on Thursday evening: "Police have just responded with Mountain Rescue to reports of a male sinking into a peat bog at the top of Chew Track above Dovestones.
Conservation project in under way to protect a peat bog which is home to a rare and diminutive species of money spider
<B A woman dressed as a mermaid takes part in the 30th World Bog Snorkelling Championships at Waen Rhydd peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells yesterday
"A healthy peat bog doesn't just store carbon in peat laid down over thousands of years, but constantly forms new peat, locking up more carbon each year."