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see hickoryhickory,
any plant of the genus Carya of the family Juglandaceae (walnut family); deciduous nut-bearing trees native to E North America and south to Central America except for a few species found in SE Asia. The pecan (C.
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A large nut tree growing to 130 ft (40m) Alternate leaves. Male tree has long, dangling catkins (slim, long cylindrical flower clusters) When flowers die, they produce a green-shelled husk, that matures, turns brown, splits into 4, revealing nut inside, which is good source of protein and unsaturated fats, and quite well known for lowering cholesterol. Also used for lowering risk of gallstones, protect nerve degeneration, alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s, heart disease, cancer, motor function. Highest antioxidant of any nut.
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(Carya illinoensis, formerly known as C. olivaeformis or C. pecan), a tree of the family Juglandaceae. The trunk grows to a height of 50 m and a diameter of 2–2.5 m. The bark is deeply furrowed. The leaves, which are alternate, large, and odd pinnate, consist of 11 to 17 oblong-lanceolate serrate leaflets. The staminate flowers are in pendulous multiflorous, three-branched catkins, which are on shoots from the previous year. Two to 12 pistillate flowers develop on the ends of the young shoots. The fruit is a nut, which is 3.5–8 cm long and has a fleshy, leathery husk. Upon ripening, the husk becomes woody and separates into four valves. The seeds are edible and contain up to 70 percent oil.

The pecan grows in southeastern North America in forests and river valleys. It has long been cultivated for its nuts. In the USSR the tree is raised in the Caucasus and, less often, in the Ukraine and Middle Asia.


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Carya illinoensis. A large deciduous hickory tree in the order Fagales which produces an edible, oblong, thin-shelled nut.
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1. a hickory tree, Carya pecan (or C. illinoensis), of the southern US, having deeply furrowed bark and edible nuts
2. the smooth oval nut of this tree, which has a sweet oily kernel
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