Péclet Number

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Peclet number

[pə′klā ‚nəm·bər]
(chemical engineering)
Dimensionless group used to determine the chemical reaction similitude for the scale-up from pilot-plant data to commercial-sized units; incorporates heat capacity, density, fluid velocity, and other pertinent physical parameters.
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Péclet Number


a dimensionless number that is a similarity criterion for processes of convective heat exchange; named after the French physicist J. C. Péclet (1793–1857). The Péclet number Pe = vl/a = Cpρvl/γ, where l is the characteristic linear dimension of the surface of heat exchange, v is the fluid velocity relative to the heat exchange surface, a is the thermal diffusivity, Cp is the specific heat at constant pressure, ρ is the density, and λ is the thermal conductivity of the fluid. The number Pe characterizes the relationship between the convective and molecular processes of heat exchange in the flowing fluid. The process of molecular conduction predominates at low Pe values, and the process of heat exchange by convection of the fluid predominates at high Pe values. The relation between the Péclet number, the Reynolds number Re, and the Prandtl number Pr is given by the equation Pe = Re × Pr.

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As started previously, the Peclet number at 0.5-2.7 mm/sec flow velocity shows remarkably large values, as given in Table 2.
An artificial viscosity of 0.001 [m.sup.2][s.sup.-1] is applied corresponding to a Peclet number of 300.
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where Re = [L.sub.[rho]][V.sub.in]/ [mu], Pe = [V.sub.in]L / D are the global Reynolds and Peclet numbers respectively, being the ratio between the inertial and viscous forces and the ratio between advective and diffusive transport rates respectively.
Therefore, setting h = 0,we can apply this result of the location of the maximum temperature [T.sup.max.sub.c] also to dry grinding in order to find an estimation of [T.sup.max.sub.c] for a large Peclet number. Notice that, in (28), the maximum is reached at
The main advantage of this method is to solve the convection diffusion equation with peclet number (Eq.) with high efficiency.
The effect of the local-scale dispersion on field-scale transport was also discussed by considering the Peclet number, <v> x/D, in terms of the observation scale, x.
The particle Peclet number, Reynolds number, and the Prandtl number for nanofluid are defined, respectively, as
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where the mesh Peclet number Pe is defined on each element as