Pedagogical Lectures

Pedagogical Lectures


regularly held conferences of pedagogues—teachers, educators, and other persons employed in the field of public education. Together with the representatives of the community they seek by means of pedagogical lectures to summarize and disseminate the most recent pedagogical innovations.

In the USSR, the first pedagogical lectures were held by the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the RSFSR in Moscow in 1945. Since 1968 all-Union pedagogical lectures have been organized by the Ministry of Education of the USSR, the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, and the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Employees in Education, Higher Schools, and Scientific Institutions. The all-Union pedagogical lectures are preceded by pedagogical lectures in schools, districts (cities), oblasts, krais, and autonomous and Union republics.

Local pedagogical lectures are organized and implemented by public-education agencies, advanced teachers’ training institutes, and local organizations of pedagogical societies. Papers of special interest are read at the all-Union pedagogical lectures and are published. At the Third All-Union Pedagogical Lectures held in Minsk in 1973, some 1,200 papers were read and more than 1,100 abstracted. Some 114,000 papers were read at the preceding local pedagogical lectures, and more than 1,100 teachers participated, as did 3,500 directors of schools and of other educational institutions and more than 800 other persons employed in public education.

Pedagogical lectures are also organized within the system of vocational and secondary specialized education. They are held in a number of other socialist countries as well.


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But I read and studied many books about pedagogy (recommended on the MTNA website) and had attended pedagogical lectures on state, national and local levels for many years.