Pedal Curve

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pedal curve

[′ped·əl ‚kərv]
The pedal curve of a given curve C with respect to a fixed point P is the locus of the foot of the perpendicular from P to a variable tangent to C. Also known as first pedal curve; first positive pedal curve; positive pedal curve.
Any curve that can be derived from a given curve C by repeated application of the procedure specified in the first definition.

Pedal Curve


(or pedal). The locus P of the feet of the perpendiculars dropped from a point O to the tangents of a given curve A is called the pedal curve of A with respect to the point 0. An example of a pedal curve is given in Figure 1. The curve A is said to be the first negative pedal curve of P with respect to the point 0.

Figure 1