Pedersen, Charles John

Pedersen, Charles John,

1904–89, American chemist, b. Busan, Korea, M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1927. After finishing his studies, Pedersen began work as a research chemist for the DuPont Company. In the 1960s, he did groundbreaking work in the creation of artificial compounds. His work was later expanded upon by Jean-Marie LehnLehn, Jean-Marie
, 1939–, French chemist, Ph.D. Univ. of Strasbourg, 1963. A professor at Louis Pasteur Univ. (1970–78) and the Collège de France (1979–), Lehn did ground-breaking research in the creation of artificial enzymes.
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 and Donald CramCram, Donald James,
1919–2001, American chemist, b. Chester, Vt., Ph.D. Harvard, 1947. A professor at the Univ. of California at Los Angeles, Cram expanded on the work of Charles J.
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, who synthesized enzymes. For their syntheses of molecules that mimic important biological processes, the trio shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.